Clinical/Therapeutic Track

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The state-of-the-art lectures provide a complete update on significant aspects of current clinical treatments in European psychiatry. They will be delivered by top European or worldwide experts and will last 45 minutes.


Psychotherapies vs. Pharmacotherapies vs. Combination Therapies in Depressive and Anxiety Disorders​

Chair:       Julian Beezhold ​(UK)

Speaker:   Pim Cujipers (Netherlands)


​Working Together for Early Detection of Psychosis

Chair:       Danuta Wasserman (Sweden)

Speaker:   Anita Riecher-Roessler (Switzerland)



These 90-minute sessions, selected by the Scientific Programme Committee, will focus on specific topics in psychiatry, representing several points of view. The symposia include four presentations by international speakers and offer an opportunity for discussion.


Human-based Psychiatry: F​rom Theory to Practice

Chair: Michael Musalek (Austria)
Co-Chair: Paz Garcia-Portilla (Spain​)  
Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)  - Evidence-based Medicine - A Critical Review   
Michael Musalek (Austria) - Theoretical Bbackground of Human-based Psychiatry
Levent Küey​ (Turkey) - Human-based Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
Michaela Amering (Austria) - Curent Hot Ttopics in Working with Service Users and Family Carers Towards a Human Based Psychiatry​

New Avenues in the Management of Bipolar Disorders

Chair: Jerzy Samochowiec (Poland)
Chair: Eduard Vieta (Spain)     
Andrea Fagiolini (Italy) - Mania and Depression: What's New?
Eduard Vieta (Spain) - The Role of Long Acting Antipsychotics in Bipolar Disorder
Kamilla Miskowiak (Denmark) - Managing Cognitive Dysfunction in Bipolar Disorder
Chantal Henry (France) - Treating B ipolar Disorder According to the Polarity Index​

How Long do we have to Wait for the Antidepressant Effect?
Joint Symposium with ECNP

Chair: Silvana Galderisi (Italy) 
Co-Chair: Celso Arango (Spain)
Francisco Artigas (Spain) - Mechanisms of action for delay of onset response to antidepressants​
Jonathan Rabinowitz (Israel) - What do Clinical Trials Tell us about Antidepressant Delayed Onset of Action?​
Guy Goodwin (UK) - Ketamine and Other Promises for Rapid Onset of Action in Depression​

Gaming, Gambling, Behavioural Addictions: Challenges in Diagnosis and Treatment

Chair: Geert Dom (Belgium)
Chair: Falk Kiefer (Germany)
Karl Mann (Germany) - Pathological Gambling, Impulse Control Disorder or Behavioural Addiction: What do the Data Indicate?
Anneke Goudriaan (Netherlands) - Neurobiological Mechanisms of Problem Gambling and Treatment
Tagid Lemenager (Germany) - Internet Addiction and the Virtual Self-image
Daria Kuss (UK) - Mobile Phone Addiction: Evidence from Empirical Research ​

Modifying Outcomes of ADHD Across the Lifespan

Chair: Philip Gorwood (France) 
Co-Chair: Antony Ramos-Quiroga (Spain)
Phil Asherson (UK) - Continuity of ADHD Across the Lifespan
Antony Ramos-Quiroga (Spain) - News on Pharmacological Treatment of ADHD Across the Lifespan
Wim van den Brink (Netherlands) - ADHD and Addiction Across the Lifespan
Alexandra Philipsen (Germany) - Non Pharmacological Treatment of ADHD Across the Lifespan​

Clinical Management and Treatment of Suicidal Patients

Chair: Danuta Wasserman (Sweden)
Chair: Benjamin Sadock (USA)
Philippe Courtet (France) - Clinical Use of Biomarkers in Suicidal Behaviours
Vladimir Carli (Sweden) - The Patient is Suicidal: What Should I do as a Clinician?
Judit Balazs (Hungary) - Diagnosing and Treating Suicidal Adolescents
Benjamin Sadock (USA) - When your Patient Dies by Suicide: Aftermath and Implications​



Debates will be offer a lively and fruitful discussion on controversial issues. A chairperson will moderate whilst two speakers, one pro and the other con, will offer and challenge opinions on different subjects.


Should Smoking be Allowed During Psychiatric Patient Hospitalization?

Chair:                Geert Dom (Belgium)

Pro Speaker:      Marcin Wojnar (Poland)

Con Speaker:     Istvan Bitter (Hungary)


Is a Psychiatrist-Patient Confidentiality Relationship Subservient to a Greater G​ood?

Chair:                 Cecile Hanon (France)

Pro Speaker:      Antonio Bulbena (Spain)

Con Speaker:     German E. Berrios (UK)


The Workshops will be devoted to a specific topic and bring together experts in this field for an intensive discussion. These will be 90-minute working sessions. At least 50% of the time will be devoted to discussion.

Workshops under development. 



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