Educational Track

​​​​Please note the programme is subject to change.


The plenary lectures will have a strong scientific focus. They will be mainly theoretical and research-oriented. These lectures will be delivered by leading psychiatrists, basic scientists and other mental health professionals invited by the Scientific Programme Committee. They will cover the major topics of the Congress theme.


Psychiatry 2017: Acknowledging Complexity While Avoiding Defeatism

Chair:          Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)

Speaker:      Mario Maj (Italy)



These 90-minute sessions, selected by the Scientific Programme Committee, will focus on specific topics in psychiatry, representing several points of view. The symposia include four presentations by international speakers and offer an opportunity for discussion.


ICD-11 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders – Recent Developments

Chair: Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)
Co-Chair: Geoffrey Reed (Mexico)  ​​​

Geoffrey Reed (Mexico) - ICD-11: Present Status and Overall Results of Field Trials​         Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany) -  ​ICD-11: Example of Psychotic Disorders
Oye ​Gureje (Nigeria)​ - How does ICD-11 Address Needs of Low and Middle Income Countries?
Mario Maj (Italy)​​ - DSM-5, ICD-11, RDoC and the Future of Psychiatric C​lassification​


Debates will be offer a lively and fruitful discussion on controversial issues. A chairperson will moderate whilst two speakers, one pro and the other con, will offer and challenge opinions on different subjects.


Is the Concept of Schizophrenia Useful?​

Chair:                Silvana Galderisi (Italy)

Pro Speaker:      Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)

Con Speaker:     Michael Musalek (Austria)



The Workshops will be devoted to a specific topic and bring together experts in this field for an intensive discussion. These will be 90-minute working sessions. At least 50% of the time will be devoted to discussion.

Workshops under development



Please note that pre-registration is required for all EPA Courses


Leadership Skills in Psychiatry​​

Director: Dinesh Bhugra (UK) 

How to Manage Delirium in the General Hospital

Director: Albert Diefenbacher (Germany)

Co-Director: Dan Georgescu (Switzerland)

Co-Director: Antonio Barbosa (Portugal) 

Understanding Psychosis: A Psychopathological Guide for Clinical Examination

Director: Andrea Raballo (Norway) 

Co-Director: Peter Handest (Denmark) 

Co-Director: Frank Larøi (Belgium) 

Risk Assessment and Risk Management in General Psychiatry

Director: Kris Goethals (Belgium)

Co-Director: Norbert Nedopil (Germany)

Psychotherapy for Chronic Depressed Patients: An Introduction in CBASP

Director: Samuel Elstner (Germany) 

Co-Director: Elisabeth Schramm (Germany) 

Introduction in the Assessment of Clinical High Risk (CHR) Criteria of Psychoses Recommended by EPA Guidance Project

Director: Frauke Schultze-Lutter (Switzerland) 


Motivational Interviewing in Addiction: How can we Help Patients Change Behaviour and Habits?

Director: Lieve de Backer (Belgium)

Co-Director: Ellis Baron (Netherlands) 

E-Mental Health: Competencies and Applications

Director: Davor Mucic (Denmark) 

Co-Director: Donald Hilty (USA) 

​Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults: Etiology, Nosology, Diagnostic Process and Multimodal Treatment

Director: Esther Sobanski (Germany) 

Director: Sandra Kooij (Netherlands) 

Co-Director: Josep Antoni Ramos-Quiroga (Spain)

Co-Director: Philip Asherson (UK) 


Depression in the Elderly

Director: Gabriela Stoppe (Switzerland) 


Teach, Learn and Inspire: How to Construct a Faculty Development Programme

Director: Andrew Brittlebank (UK) 
Co-Director: Tanja Svirskis (Finland) 

Assessing Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Schizophrenia using a Brief Interview-Based Instrument: The Cognitive Assessment Interview

Director: Joseph Ventura (USA) ​​

Co-Director: Armida Mucci (Italy) 


An Introduction to CBT for Psychiatrists

Director: Stirling Moorey (UK) ​


The Pharmacological Management of Mood Disorders and Psychosis in Pregnancy and Lactation

 Director: Angelika Wieck (UK) 


Myths, Misconceptions and Pitfalls in Consent and Capacity Assessment: Cases, Causes and Clinical Approaches

Director: Julian Beezhold (UK) ​​​

Co-Director: Jan Wise (UK) 


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