Research Track



The plenary lectures will have a strong scientific focus. They will be mainly theoretical and research-oriented. These lectures will be delivered by leading psychiatrists, basic scientists and other mental health professionals invited by the Scientific Programme Committee. They will cover the major topics of the Congress theme.


Gene-environment Interactions in Mental Disorders: Evidence and Challenges

Chair:          Mario Maj (Italy)

Speaker:      Jim van Os (Netherlands)



The state-of-the-art lectures provide a complete update on significant aspects of current clinical treatments in European psychiatry. They will be delivered by top European or worldwide experts and will last 45 minutes.

Social Media and e-mental Health

Chair:                  Manuel ​Martin Carrasco (Spain)

Speaker:              Michael Krausz (Canada​)

Auto-immune Psychosis: State of the Art

Chair:                  Philip Gorwood (France)

Speaker:             Julia Deakin (UK​)


These 90-minute sessions, selected by the Scientific Programme Committee, will focus on specific topics in psychiatry, representing several points of view. The symposia include four presentations by international speakers and offer an opportunity for discussion.

Child Maltreatment and Unfavourable Clinical Outcome​​

Chair: Silvana Galderisi (Italy)
Co-Chair: Carmine Pariante (UK​)    
Dieter Wolker (UK) - Prevalence and Consequences of Bullying: What could Healthcare Services do for Intervention?   
Maggie Schauer (Germany) - Early Life Stress, Epigenetic and Trajectories to Psychiatric Disorders
Carmine Pariente (UK) - Long term Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Inflammation and Physical Health
Albertine Oldehinkel (Netherlands) - Adolescent Mental Health Outcomes of Early Adversities: Not a Simple Story​​​

EU Funded Research in Schizophrenia:  Key Findings and Expected Impact on Clinical Practice 

Chair: Silvana Galderisi (Italy)
Co-Chair:  Ruxandra Draghia-Akli​ (Belgium)
Co-Chair: Lara Passante (Belgium)
Speaker: René​ Kahn (Netherlands)Key findings from OPTIMISE 
Speaker: Nikolaos Koutsouleris (Germany) Key findings from PRONIA  
Speaker: Alberto Del Guerra (Italy) Key findings from TRIMAGE 
Speaker: Andreas Meyer Lindenberg  (Germany) Key findings from IMAGEMEND

Staging of Psychiatric Disorders: Integrating Neurobiological Findings

Chair: Albert Batalla (Netherlands)
Chair: Iria Grande (Spain)
Speaker: Eduard Vieta (Spain) - Staging: A Step Towards Precision Psychiatry
Speaker: Iria Grande (Spain) - Staging in Bipolar Disorder: Clinical, Biochemical, and Functional Correlates
Speaker: Arnt Schellekens (Netherlands) - Staging & Profiling in Addiction, Can We Cross the Gap from Bench to Bedside?​​
Speaker: Albert Batalla (Netherlands) - Clinical Staging of Psychotic Disorders: From Dimensions to Neurobiology​


The Workshops will be devoted to a specific topic and bring together experts in this field for an intensive discussion. These will be 90-minute working sessions. At least 50% of the time will be devoted to discussion.

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