EPA 2017, Florence - Best Poster Awards

EPA 2017 Best Poster Awards


Title ​


 Cecilie Kamuk 

​Early Screening for Autism Spectrum Disorder


Maria Pontillo  

​Negative Psychotic Symptoms in 22q11.2 Deletion and their Association with Neuropsychological Profile



Van Amelsvoort

​Reward Learning and Dopamine Release in Adults with 22q11DS


Stine Søndergård 

​Prevalence of Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Chronic Non-malignant Pain - a Danish Register-linkage Cohort Study


Ilona Luoma 

​Maternal Depressive Symptom Trajectories and Psychosocial Functioning in Young Adults: A 27-Year Longitudinal Study


Irina Georgieva 

​Opinions of Professionals and Family Members About the National Mental Health Law Regulating Involuntary Commitment of Psychiatric Patients: an International Comparative Study in 10 Countries


Danni Fothergill  

Laetitia Jervis

​Referrals and Outcomes of Assessment for Compulsory Admission Under the Mental Health Act 1983 in Norfolk, England


Katharina Beck 

​Long-term Rates of Remission and Late Psychotic Transition of Individuals at Risk for Psychosis


Patricia Penas 

​How Is Evaluated Mental Health Recovery?


Oliver Freudenreich 

​The Psychiatric Morbidity and Mortality Teaching Conference to Improve Patient Safety: Lessons Learned at the Massachusetts General Hospital



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