Venue Branding

Venue Branding

E-Posters Area                                            

An electronic version of the traditional poster boards will be displayed on monitor screens in a prime location. The highly trafficked e-Poster computer terminals will allow attendees to access the electronic poster presentations easily and conveniently.

Sponsor's benefits will include:

  • Signage at the entrance to the e-Poster area with "Supported by..." and a company logo only Signage

  • Signage at the registration area

Internet Stations                                           

There will be an internet area equipped with workstations where attendees may check e-mails. Sponsor will have the opportunity to display company logo on screen saver, on screen background and to set company home page as the default home page.


Delegates Wireless Access                           

Internet access at the Congress will be offered free of charge. Infrastructure, setup and maintenance are included in the sponsorship fee. Most delegates are expected to use the WiFi network during the Congress. The sponsor can either create a specific landing page or the Congress Organiser will provide a neutral page with the sponsor's logo, as the start page that delegates see when connecting to the wireless network.