ECP Programme

ECP Programme

EPA Virtual 2021 invites recent graduates to its specialist programme tailored to the needs of the Early Career Psychiatrist (ECP).

The dedicated programme includes a scientific programme centred on topics relevant to young psychiatrists, extended opportunities for networking, and specialised sessions where young professionals have the possibility to exchange knowledge with renowned European mental health professionals.

The ECP Programme offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced Fees: Early career psychiatrists pay a reduced rate for the EPA congress.
  • Early Career Psychiatrists’ Dedicated Networking Area: An important part of the virtual congress platform serving as a central meeting point for online networking and recruitment.

Confirmed sessions for the 2021 ECP Programme:

Session title

Presentation title

Can We Have Your Attention Please? A Comparison of Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Males and Females
Females with ADHD: What Is the Expert Consensus?
Diagnosing ADHD in Adults: Diagnostic Tools and Differential Diagnosis
Pharmacological Approaches of ADHD
Mental Health Care has Radically Changed with the Pandemic Pro Perspective
Con Perspective
Personalised Psychiatry: Hype or Hope? Precision Medicine in Psychosis: Translating Findings from Research into Clinical Practice
Genome-wide Association Studies in Psychiatry: Current Perspectives
Risk Profiles for Mental Disorders
Prevention of the First Episode of Psychosis: What Have We Reached by 2021?
Perinatal Psychiatry: Is it All About the Mother? Risk of Severe Postpartum Episodes
Joint Care of Parents and Infants in Perinatal Psychiatry
The Role of Perinatal Care in Early Life Trauma Prevention
Parenting Assessment in Psychiatric Mother and Baby Units
Trauma and Public Mental Health Trauma and the Role of the Wounded Healer
The Impact of New Psychosocial Stressors on the Mental Health of Young People: Results from a National Multicentric Study in Italy
Building Resilience to Early Life Trauma in Belarus and Ukraine
Improving Health Care Response to Domestic Violence
Let’s Talk About the Pandemic Research in Mental Health During the Pandemic
The Impact of the COVID19 Pandemic on Mental Health Care
Early Career Psychiatrists in Europe During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Results of the EPA ECPC-EFPT Cross-sectional Survey
What Changed in Training and Practice for Early Career Child/Adolescent Psychiatrists with the Pandemic
Who Are You Online? How Data Science Will Advance Mental Health
Internet and Psychosocial Interventions: What Is the Evidence?
Social Isolation and Physical Distance: Experiences from a Phone Pal
Social Media Content Analysis on Twitter to Explore Public Perceptions Regarding Pathological Social Withdrawal (Hikikomori)
Treatment Against Your Will: Views from the Stakeholders Inpatient Forensic Psychiatric Care: Legal Provision in European Countries
Use of Compulsory Treatment by Early Career Psychiatrists: Findings from an International Survey
The Experiences of Families of Mental Health Compulsory Treatment
GAMIAN’s Views on Treatment Against Patients Will
What Should Early Career Psychiatrists Know? Training as a Psychiatrist During a Pandemic
How to Start a Career as a Consultant Psychiatrist?
Training in Digital Mental Health
Innovative Mental Health Policies, Plans and Interventions: How to Manage Consequences of Economic Crisis?